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Adult Children of Alcoholics
Compelled to Control
Erotic Intelligence
I Am Enough Disc
I Don't Want to Talk About It
Medicine Cards
The Grief Recovery Handbook
When Children Grieve
Wing Necklace
 Pia Mellody »  Attaining Balance CD
Boundaries as a Spritual Practice CD
Boundaries as a Spritual Practice DVD
Boundaries CD
Breaking Free
Co-Addicted Relationships CD
Codependence Recovery, Spirituality & Self Care CD
Codependence Series 2000 DVD
Codependency and Parenting CD
Do You Know What I Mean?
Do You Know What I Mean?
Do You Know What I Mean? DVD
Facing Codependence
Facing Love Addiction
Feelings Card/Talking Boundaries
Healthy Relationships DVD
Love Addiction / Love Avoidance CD
Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Series 2000 DVD
Mapping Your Recovery CD
Permission to be Precious CD
Power and Intimacy in Relationships CD
Recovery Series 2000 DVD
Relationships and Recovery CD
Roots of Codependence CD
Self-Esteem Series 2000 DVD
Shame CD
Spirituality and Sexuality CD
Sprirtuality and Relational Trauma DVD
The Intimacy Factor
The Nature of the Inner Child CD
Value, Power and Abundance CD
 Claudia Black »  A Hole In The Sidewalk
A Time for Healing From Abandonment and Shame CD
Addiction in the Family: The Domino Effect DVD
Anger DVD
Breaking the Silence DVD
Changing Course
Children of Denial DVD
Double Jeopardy DVD
Emotional Baggage, Repacking your Bags CD
Healing From Childhoold Sexual Abuse DVD
Imageries CD
Intimate Treason
Issues of Recovery DVD
It Will Never Happen to Me!
Letting Go Imageries CD
My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has A Disease
Putting the Past Behind: Steps In Recovery and Foundational Core Issues CD
Relapse: The Illusion of Immunity DVD
Straight Talk
The Legacy of Addiction; The Gift of the Ages DVD
The Triggering Effect DVD
The Truth Begins With You
Trauma In The Addicted Family CD
Triggers CD
What Do I Say to My Kids? DVD
 John Bradshaw »  Bradshaw on: The Family
Creating Love, the Next Stage of Growth
Family Secrets The Path to Self Acceptance and Reunion
Healing the Shame That Binds You
Homecoming, Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child
 Peter Levine »  Healing Trauma
In An Unspoken Voice
Trauma Through A Child's Eyes
Waking the Tiger
 Patrick Carnes »  Don't Call It Love
Facing The Shadow
 John Lee »  Growing Yourself Back Up, Understanding Emotional Regression
 Og Mandino »  The Greatest Miracle in the World
 Wendy Maltz/Larry Maltz »  The Porn Trap, The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems Cause by Pornograpy
 Bessel A. Van Der Kolk/Alexander »  The Body Keeps The Score
Traumatic Stress
 Terrence Real »  How Can I Get Through to You?
 Edited: Stefanie Carnes, PhD »  Mending The Shattered Heart, A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts
 Harrison G. Pope, Jr./Katharine  »  The Adonis Complex
 Don Miguel Ruiz »  The Four Agreements
 Janae B. Weinhold PhD/Barry K. W »  The Flight From Intimacy
 Rokelle Lerner »  Affirmations for the Inner Child
 Anne Katherine »  Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin
 Alexandra Katehakis »  Mirror of Intimacy
 Brene Brown »  The Gifts of Imperfection
 Karyl McBride PhD »  Will I Ever Be Good Enough?
 Jason Z W Powers »  When The Servant Becomes The Master
 Charles L. Whitfield »  Boundaries and Relationships
Repeat After Me
 Tian Dayton PhD »  Emotional Sobriety
One Foot In Front Of The Other
The ACoA Trauma Syndrome
 Stefanie Carnes PhD/Mari A. Lee/ »  Facing Heartbreak
 David Johnson/Jeff Van Vonderen »  The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse
 Marnie C. Ferree »  No Stones
 Kelly McDaniel »  Ready to Heal
 Peter M. Wayne, PhD »  The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
 Dan Griffin »  A Man's Way Through Relationships
A Man's Way Through the 12 Steps
 Terry V. Eagan, MD »  Prayer for Compassion
 Jenny Lawson »  Furiously Happy
 Tian Dayton, PhD »  The Soul's Companion
 Dr H Cloud Dr J Townsend »  Boundaries, When To Say Yes How To Say No
 David Richo »  The Five Things We Cannot Change
 Gabor Mate, MD »  In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts
 Kevin T McCauley, MD »  Memo to Self
My Slices of Cheese
Pleasure Unwoven
Pleasure Unwoven